Client says
  • Gary Lau - Pinkstix Accessories

    Angela is an amazing artist, and an aspiring human-being.  She is determined to share awareness to others about overcoming the challenges she faced post concussion, and how she is using art as her therapy. Angela reminds us that what brings us all together is simply a will to listen, understand, and embrace.

  • Debbie Henderson

    I have known Angela since she started to use art to cope with her first concussion. Since then I have seen her go from using her art for own therapy to using it to educate the general public and fellow concussion survivors on art's value as a form of healing. At the same time I have seen her grow and mature as an artist.

  • Joan Hutton - Chief in Editor of Canadian Society of Cinematographer’s Magazine

    Angela I have known for over 10 years. I found out she had a concussion through and was pleasantly happy to find she was doing good for the world. She was talking about her symptoms, she was sharing her stories, she became quickly the voice of a ‘concussion’ online.

  • Mac Day

    I've met very few artists with the vitality and energy that Angela projects and it is very obvious in her work! I was very pleased to be able to pass on her mermaids ceramics as gifts to my family! Thanks Angela.

  • Sam Snidal

    Angela has burst forth with explosive creative energy post-concussions in a way that continues to astound me. She is able to channel her energy directly into her creative expression through painting, business relationships and travel that I believe is accelerating her healing process rapidly.