Client says
  • Mac Day

    I've met very few artists with the vitality and energy that Angela projects and it is very obvious in her work! I was very pleased to be able to pass on her mermaids ceramics as gifts to my family! Thanks Angela.

  • Livia Lay

    Angela is an immensely kind-hearted and naturally talented person in many facets of art and crafts. I'm honoured to have some of her paintings, learn about her concussion story, and develop a friendship with her as she teaches me some of the many crafts that he knows

  • Sam Snidal

    Angela has burst forth with explosive creative energy post-concussions in a way that continues to astound me. She is able to channel her energy directly into her creative expression through painting, business relationships and travel that I believe is accelerating her healing process rapidly.

  • Mike Lind

    Angela’s talent speaks for itself and shines through in her paintings. Her journey as an acclaimed artist is well on it way. I am a proud collector of Angela ’s work and will continue to collect her beautiful unique energetic paintings.