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Im Angela Chao. Mississauga resident of 30 years. Mississauga arts council member and Visual Arts Mississauga Member.

I had a major concussion 4 years ago (seen here in Mississauga News) and after I became an artist. I was never an artist before but after I was able to express all the depression and anxiety I was feeling from my post-concussion syndrome. Art was my therapy.

I have been nominated and by Mike Douglas for the Martys 2017 and won Emerging Visual artist of the Year. I have had a short ad campaign with Mercedes AMG for speaking up about depression and using art as therapy. My short documentary about my story was chosen by Cineplex theatre and Sun Life Financial For culture days Canada and shown on 1400 screens across Canada for 1 week costing 74K. I continually try to tell my story and reach out to help others through their concussion with my art.

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Angela Chao has excelled in her career as a female filmmaker with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E) camera department for over 14 years, working on notable Hollywood blockbusters such as the Saw franchise, Robocop and Kickass 2. Most recently she has become a celebrated artist within the Mississauga arts community through gallery appearances, social discussions and earning creative awards along the way.

Angela suffered three major head injuries on set and was left with many challenges like depression and anxiety. After her concussion Angela became a prolific artist. Three years later Angela continually uses art as her means to communicates her emotions. She helps others battle their mental illness through their concussion journey by reaching out to those in need.

Angela openly shares her art and the reflection on her mental state on social media. By doing so she has found a way to reach out by relating herself to others through brain injuries.  Angela has now captured  the attention of dozens of companies and creates visual art videos showcasing products and brands to be released on social media. Through animation, stop motion, live drawings and other creative forms of self expression these videos can be seen by thousands of followers. Through the support of many companies she has had the opportunity to travel and create art around the world. Angela has flown to Belgium and Germany with Brussels airlines, Australia and New Zealand with Flight Centre, China with Hainan Airlines, Taiwan with Mandarin Holiday, Boston with B good Restaurants, and in April 2019 she will be traveling to Korea with Mandarin Holidays. 

Angela has been the guest speaker for the Brain Injury Association of Canada conference in Toronto. She has been interviewed by Mississauga news, Toronto Guardian, BlogTo, Health magazines and appeared on Rogers Tv. She also acquired a year long International ad campaign with Mercedes AMG on their social networks, speaking about her challenges from the concussion. Angela’s short one minute documentary was selected by Cineplex and funded by Sun Life Financial for $74,000.  This short appeared in all 1400 Canadian cineplex theatres for one week duration in July 2017. 

Angela was named the 2017 Emerging visual artist of the year at the Marty’s with Mississauga Arts council and was nominated in 2018 for a Modern Heritage award with Heritage Mississauga for spreading mental health awareness through art, locally. Angela has appeared in dozens of galleries and has created over 500 paintings the past 3 years of which 430 have been sold.  Angela’s will be one of 41 artist across Ontario to exhibit at the 41st Juried art show at the Art Gallery of Mississauga with Visual Arts Mississauga this coming January to March 2019. 

As a constant inspiration to herself, Angela is committed in helping others who may be experiencing a similar situation to find a light in life and overcome the darkness with a passion.

Since suffering from a brain injury three years ago, my purpose in life has changed. I discovered and embraced the new me and have grown as a person who feels inspired to help others through art.   

Painting helps me release my depression, anxiety and sadness. I create to escape my emotional barriers. Through complimentary colours and various textures I can express the psychological changes in my brain. I recently confronted that I will never be the same person. I am okay with this and love who I am now. Painting has sustained, nurtured and navigated me through this journey of self-discovery.

I am meant to use this gift to spread concussion awareness and to help others. Art is my therapy. I want people to know that it is ok to be sad and that there is nothing to be ashamed of.  My personality has shifted after my concussions and my artistic style also changes with my mental state. My artistic process is spiritual and meditative. 

When I paint, my subconscious self speaks what I cannot express in words. My art is the naked unedited representation of my journey, my battle, and my challenges from my brain injury.  My canvas has become a mirror to my mind, reflecting its brilliant and varied hues. Painting is my form of communication and I intend to use the talent I have been gifted to spread concussion awareness and help others like me. 

Acrylic on Canvas
30″ x 36″ (each canvas)
$1800/ canvas

3 pieces displayed in a row 90″ x 36″
– Great for 4th Floor Amenities, 4th Floor Lounge, 5th Floor Amenities Corridor

Sea Breeze 2017
Acrylic on Canvas
48″ x 36″

Please view all over paintings in my PORTFOLIO. I have a basement gallery at Winston Churchill and Britannia with 50+ artworks. I am available for any visitors until April 13th.

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Mississauga News

Mississauga News September 13, 2014 

Toronto Guardian article March 23, 2016

 – Speaker and writer with the Brain Injury association of Canada. and

Interviewed on “Life as a Screen’ a tv show with Mississauga arts council. May 15th 5pm and Tuesday May 16th at 11am at 5pm on Rogers tv

Angelas Short 1 minute documentary about her art therapy was chosen by Cineplex and Sun Life Financial and showcased in 1400 Cineplex theatre before every movie from June 9-15, 2017. Total cost was 74k, funded by Sun life, Cineplex and Culture days Canada. 

Interviewed on “Life as a Screen’ a tv show with Mississauga arts council. May 15th 5pm and Tuesday May 16th at 11am at 5pm on Rogers tv

Martys 2017

Winner of the MARTYS 2017 Emerging visual artist of the year award with Mississauga Arts Council Mississauga Article 

Exhibit at Living Arts Centre – Live resturant  July – Aug 2018 Curator: Lee Petrie 

Art Collaboration with Pinkstix  using art as therapy and applying it to fashion, spreading concussion awareness through art. 

Exhibit at Heritage Mississauga Aug – Oct 2018

– International campaign with Mercedes AMG talking about the challenges of her concussion – Mar 16, 2016

– Exhibit at Central Library July 2018 with Artist in Momentum (a group promoting mental health awareness in the community with Mississauga based artist)—angela-chao.html 

– Living in Mississauga for over 30 years