After the first and most severe concussion, I felt my personality slip away. My emotions were an untameable roller coaster; the best days could be counted on one hand. I had to learn to be me all over again. I discovered and embraced the new me and have grown as a person who feels inspired to help others through art.   Through discussions with family, friends and others with brain trauma, I have found a collective supportive energy and the inspiration that life will get better. My purpose has changed. I am meant to use my gift of art to spread concussion awareness. 

Painting helps me release my depression, anxiety and sadness. I create to process my emotional barriers. Painting has sustained, nurtured and navigated me through my journey of self-discovery.  

My personality has shifted after each concussion and my artistic style changes with my mental state. I will never be the same person. It is only recently that I have confronted this.  I am okay with it and love who I am now. My process is spiritual and meditative. When I paint, my subconscious self is speaking what I cannot express with words. My art is a naked un-edited representation of my journey, my battle and the day to day challenges I have to face from my brain injury. Painting is my form of communication and I intend to use the talent I have been gifted to spread concussion awareness and help those like me.