Angela Chao

I have developed a strong affinity for creating art since my concussion injury. For me art speaks through bold colours and vivid textures. Each brush stroke on my canvases makes a statement, illustrating and liberating my thoughts and feelings..  

Having this artistic talent has been a great platform to speak openly about my life experiences and allows me to connect and help others who see them selves in my work.  My painting process helps me release my emotions. Since suffering from my brain injury, my purpose in life has changed. I have discovered and embraced my new identity and new way of being in the world and speaking about the impact of arts on mental health. 

My art is the naked unedited representation of my journey, my challenges and how I have overcome them.  It allows my audience to gain perspective into my world feeling emotions through the colours and textures shared and come away with a sense of hope and inspiration. 

My artwork is a mirror to my mind, reflecting its brilliant, varied hues. Painting is communication allowing me to connect to others and open the door for understanding. I intend to use the talent I have been gifted with to spread concussion awareness and help others like me battle mental illness like depression and anxiety.. My intention with my art is for it to be a voice to express myself and to have others engage with my art to feel a connection to their own voice. 

Ultimately my goal is to create attention-grabbing art engaging others, making and positive impact to their mental health, to motivate and inspire others.