BellBox – 2 choices

Below are the two choices for the Bell Box painting

20″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas painting of elements in my neighbourhood – Meadowvale.

Meadowvale Theatre – 1st

Located across the street from the parking lot of Meadowvale Theatre.

This would be my first choice. Its on a major intersection which is always Busy. It is right across from Meadowvale Theatre. Its on a major bus route that travels through to Streetsville (the Go) or head to downtown Toronto. It is easily accessible.

6398 Montevideo Rd (Link to Map)

Windwood Park – 2nd

Major Intersection is Britannia and Winston Churchill. Public park has a parking spot for about 15 cars. Windwood Park leads right into Lake Wabukayne Trail.

This would be my second choice. It is close to the parks which the art work was based out of.

2795 Windwood Dr (Link to Map)

This box will be an abstract intuitive painting in collaboration with award winning poet Susan Ksiezopolski. She will create a painting and I paint the bell box. The poem will be intertwined with the artwork. The purpose of the project is to engage the audience to Feel It! and to spark meaningful conversations about our emotions and how we express ourselves when we create or interact with multiple art forms.  

Link to Fusion Art grant from the Mississauga arts council 2019: Feel It!

Contact Info:

Artist: Angela Chao

Exec Director at Mississauga arts council (MAC) : Mike Douglas –