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Angela Chao, Canadian Taiwanese, has excelled in her career as a female filmmaker with the IATSE camera department for over 17 years, working on notable Hollywood blockbusters such as the Saw franchise and Kickass 2. 

Angela suffered three major head injuries on set and was left with health challenges such as depression and anxiety. After her concussion Angela became a prolific artist. Five years later Angela is still using art as her tool to communicate her emotions.

Angela was invited to be guest speaker at the Brain Injury Association of Canada conference in Toronto. She was awarded a yearlong International ad campaign with Mercedes AMG on their social networks, speaking about her challenges from her brain injuries. Angela’s short documentary showcasing her struggles from her brain injury and triumphs through art was selected by Cineplex and funded by Sun Life Financial to appear in all 1,600 Canadian Cineplex theatres across Canada, for one week during July 2017. (link here)

Angela was awarded the 2017 Emerging Visual Artist of the year at the Marty’s by the Mississauga Arts Council. In 2019 Angela was the recipient of the Modern Heritage award and the Community Heritage award at The Credits by Heritage Mississauga for her innovative ways of spreading concussion awareness in her community through art. 

A constant inspiration to many, Angela is committed in helping others who may be experiencing a similar situation to find a light in their life and overcome the darkness with a passion. Angela is committed to taking a public role in promoting mental health and awareness through her art.

Film resume:
Art Resume:

Letter of Intent

I would like to continue my work and research for “Mississauga Creates” the series. I have started this little interview series on my own at the beginning of the pandemic as a way to learn about the benefits of arts on mental well being. Since we cannot easily interact in person the interviews and process were switched to an online format. Once I interviewed I would then edit for 4-7 days.

I have 20 interviews scheduled to be done but have temporarily stopped this series due to financial strain. This series I have done for free out of my own time and I have had to focus on making money and putting this aside until I have the time.

I believe it is important to show the benefits of arts on mental wellbeing. My brain injury halted my life and work and the only way I could find a way out was through art. Art became a language for me. I could paint and express the emotions I felt inside that I was too scared to speak about to other. Imagine, thats what many people fear and do not want to verbalize. This series allows for hope to those who feel they are depressed or have anxiety.

We need hope.

Supporting Material

Angela has created a series called “Mississauga Creates” on youtube featuring local creatives like Visual artist, Poets, Musicians, as well as specialist showcasing the impact and importance of arts in our community.

Series here:

View Episode 1 – Interview with Myself, Angela Chao. Host and creator

Reference Letters
I have letters of reference from IATSE 667 as well as notable companies in the art world.

The outcome of this project is to showcase the many talents of creatives in Mississauga to inspire others to follow their own creative passions.

Feel free to reach out if you have any future questions 647 8317987