Step up your game!

I am here to help step up your company’s social media game. Ill custom create a special package for you to share on all social media stream, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. With a combination of videos, timelapse, drawings and photos you can spread and gain follower with my trendy out of the box styles. I work in the film biz in Toronto but had a three concussions at work. Now I create art! Give me the opportunity to create something amazing for your business.


These creative photos help further brand your company. Your world is seen through my eyes, my colors, my textures.


These videos summarizes your company, product or event. Videos under a minute would be the best for twitter and instagram.


Time lapse videos can tell a story within a short amount of time. I can draw your logo with markers, paint or anything.  Click on the links below to see a company come to life.