Through the unwavering support of local artists, Mike Douglas, Mississauga Arts Council, Rosemary Naccarato from Bell and Councillor Pat Saito the Grounding Bell Box was created.

The creativity that is sparked through the collaboration of three artists using three different art forms is magical. The restorative energy that is generated when the three work together, draws the sun out to play.

Angela Chao, award winning visual artist, created an abstract piece of art that is intuitive based on her emotions while in the creative flow in the moment listening to Anthony Barr as he performs his flute music and Susan Ksiezopolski, award winning poet, captures the experience that transpires through words.

From Left to right
Susan Ksiezopoloski, Poet. Councillor Pat Saito – Ward 9, Angela Chao – Artist. Rosemary Naccarato – Manager, Community Investments/Affairs. Anthony Barr – Flute Player

Over the course of a few hours, Angela Chao, mindfully, with ease, filled the white blank background with colour, and inspiration emerged. The colours spoke of blue birds, the strokes reached the sky, the breeze in the background also joined in to accompany Anthony’s flute music. The leaves on the trees rustled, and the stress and tension that was previous there left as the words for the poem came, serenaded by the flow of the art and the music, paving the way for grounding. Such a perfect prescription for unwinding, art, music, poetry and nature. Art speaks to our imagination, touches us has the power to unlock our own creative potential.

This is the poem that reflects the uplifting experience.

The breeze
Touched by the trees
Carries my words

On the wings of blue birds
Let them reach the sky
Leaving chaos behind
As my mind unwinds
Grounding me

Sunkissed the final piece stands. It is a multi-dimensional artwork, that brings together three art forms to create a message of hope and healing.

To find out more contact:

Angele Chao – Artist

Susan Ksiezopolski – Poet

Anthony Barr – Flute Player

Facebook Live video of the event with Live Musi