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Angela Chao


Angela became a prolific artist following three concussions. Using art as her tool to communicate, she is committed advocate promoting mental health and awareness through art.

She was invited to speak at the Brain Injury Association of Canada conference. She was awarded an International ad campaign with Mercedes AMG. Her short documentary was selected by Cineplex and appeared in 1,600 Canadian theatres.

The Mississauga Arts Council, in 2017 awarded Angela the Emerging Visual Artist of the year. In 2019 she received the Community and Modern Heritage Award for her role celebrating urban growth and innovation in promoting mental wellness at the Credits with Heritage Mississauga.

Brief Statement about the project

I have created a series of videos,  “Make Something Everyday” during my COVID 19 self-isolation period, to keep myself active and on a routine.  I know the importance of keeping up with mental wellbeing after suffering many concussions and having anxiety and depression. As a result I have been actively promoting mental well being since day one of my head injury five years ago. I understand the importance of keeping a positive attitude. Art has been my escape in many situations and currently I am helping myself through these lonely times by creating. 

Looking around the house I realized I have so many supplies to create arts and crafts every single day.  I am sharing my creations with everyone on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  During this self-isolation period we turn to social media and the Internet, I feel this is the best way to reach and impact the audience. I believe that by spreading goodness and positivity we can get through this together.

Within this process I have also received many requests from fellow followers. In upcoming episodes I will create “Thank you Cards” for those wanting to thank our front line workers like Nurses and Doctors. I will also be creating a DIY facemask for those wanting to donate to retirement homes as masks are hard to come by.  I will be creating a large stock of both thank you cards and masks to donate. I hope that by sharing my video it will inspire others to do so as well. 

 I truthfully believe if I want goodness to be in the universe I must plant the seed and help others create during these times of loneliness and despair.

Playlist Below (Press the top right arrow for more episodes)

New episodes are added every other weekday.
You can follow along here.

Here is the full description and episode list guide

I have 4 scheduled coming up and another 12 I am working on. I work in the Toronto Film Industry which is not an essential business and has been shut down in Canada. Here is my IMDB resume I have the full capablity and tools to shoot a video, edit, create graphics, narrator, upload and research for SEO, as well as promote, post on social media.

Not only has this series allowed me to further help myself in creating a routine but they have also helped others

Colouring Pages

I create free printable colouring pages I post a few times each week on my Instagram/Facebook. Most of these are meditative mandala’s I created during my morning mindfulness. I have been sent screen shots of my colouring pages being used during Zoom Video chats amongst ‘girls days out’ or ‘online social gathering.’ I love how people are taking the time to create for better mental – well being. This is my goal for others.

Some Mandelas have a hidden word, so as you are colouring you are looking for them.

What Can I do for you?
I can create and edit videos. I can also be interviewed on instagram to bring in more watchers once in a while. I can create a tutorial LIVE (can be done through your account if you so wish). Any videos on my youtube “make something everyday” fits into the Instagram guidelines for IGTV which is under 15 minutes. I can provide an eye catching logo thats fitted for the 9:16 ratio for IGTV where the majority of the content is in the centre so it fits in the instagram square.

I can also be interviewed and create tutorial on Zoom in which you can email your following a head of time with the date and time of the diy/interview/tutorial.

I can create customized crafts related to a theme. I have the ability and tools to make many things as I own a TON of materials.

Other Videos to come

  • Mindful Mending – Japanese stitching
  • Mandela drawing
  • Positive Rocks – Rock painting and hiding it in the neighbourhood
  • Glass etching
  • Sign painting – Creating a wood sign

Thank you for your time. If you have any further suggestion for episodes I am open to anything. I am adaptable to the current trends and needs. I can also provide the embedded youtube link or create a website catered to what is necessary for this exhibition. The purpose for the video is to speak less about directly covid-19 and to help others find their own inner peace by creating.

If you would like to learn a bit more about me check out my Visual Resume