Living Arts Centre

Living Arts Centre
July 4 – Aug 19


Songs of Summer – $1200 each
30″ x 48″ (all 3 paintings are the Same Size, called pt 1, 2, and 3)

Summers Rain – 36″ x 48″ – $800

Artist Statement:

As artists, we live to express, and each of us has a story to share about what the “new Normal”  feels like and looks like to us. Through our art, this can be expressed and shared with the world. The modern media offers up current events at a local, national and international level, which highlights how emotionally charged our environment is.

I have been a camera assistant in the Toronto film industry for over 12 years. Since suffering my concussions, my purpose in life has changed. Finding my artistic talent after my first head injury, has allowed me to use my painting as a launching pad to speak about concussions and to spread awareness. I have written articles, been interviewed for print, TV and blogs. I have also been a guest speaker at the Brain Injury Association of Canada conference. I have won the Emerging Visual Artist of the Year Award from the Mississauga Arts Council 2017. I have an international ad campaign with Mercedes AMG Through social media, articles, interviews and presentations, I have been able to speak truthfully about the effects of concussions and to shine a light on the issues.

Painting is my form of communication. Through textures, colours and brush strokes, I can express the psychological and physiological changes in my brain. Painting has helped with improving my mental health and the progress is visible in the changes in my painting style as I move along the journey to discover who I have become. When I feel depressed, it would seem logical that I would paint in dark and somber colours, but due to my sensitivity to light, this is expressed with bright and vibrant colours, Painting is my sanctuary and prevents me from hibernating under my bedsheets in tears.

I paint all the feelings I experience. Out of nowhere, I can have an anxiety attack. The only way I can explain my reactions and feeling is through a tangible medium like painting. Painting is one of my main outlets. I can “paint it out”. I feel my concussions have vastly altered my motor skills. I am still relearning many things that were natural to me before, such as writing and speaking. With each brush stroke, I can express precisely what I am going through with the peaks and valley throughout my day.

Painting is immensely personal. It is the naked portrayal of my journey of healing from all three concussions, which is showcased in my art.

My personality has shifted after every concussion. I will never be the same person and it is only recently that I really confronted this. I am okay with it and love who I am now. My process is spiritual and meditative. When I paint, my subconscious self is speaking what I cannot express in words.

Contact info for purchases/commission or to visit my gallery (Britannia and Winston Churchill)

Angela Chao

Here are some “images”  with myself. Im unsure if you need any of these.