MAC 2020

Hello, Im Angela Chao. Abstract visual artist and film maker in Mississauga

Angela has created a series called “Mississauga Creates” on youtube featuring local creatives like Visual artist, Poets, Musicians, as well as specialist showcasing the impact and importance of arts in our community. This project will be an extension of that concept and will highlight and focus on the south asian creatives in Mississauga: from Visual artist, to musicians, poet and filmmakers.

View full series here:

The Project: Mississauga Creates: South Asian Creatives

The proposed project is a short documentary 20-30 minute in length highlighting arts in the form of poetry, visual arts, music and filmmaking by South Asian women in Mississauga. 

Proudly supporting women from all walks of life the full cast and crew will be comprised of women.

Interviewees for the documentary will have their episode on Mississauga Creates, (, highlighting their journey of self discovery through their culture and heritage. They will be able to speak their story for 10-15 minutes. These interviews will be edited after the completion of this documentary. No additional footage is needed. Editing will be done by Angela Chao – host of Mississauga Creates.

The Crew

Director/Producer: Angela Chao

17 year experienced camera department. With camera and light package will shoot and interview the creatives.

Flim resume:

Mississauga Creates:

Writer: Susan Ksiezopolski

Award winning poet and writer reviewing and editing all questions for the interview, written notes, and voice over by and writer Angela for proper flow throughout the documentary.


Video Editor: Sarah Baptist

Sarah graduated from Sheridan College Media Art’s with honours in 2004. She is currently an editor at CBC. While at CBC she edited for The National, Marketplace, the 2016 Rio and 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and specials including the Royal Jubilee. She was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for Best Editing in a factual program or series for Marketplace.

Composer: Amy Di Nino

Amy will be composing, shaping and crafting the audio for the documentary.

Amy has degrees and diplomas from University of Windsor, University of Toronto, and Humber College, and she completed her Masters of Music Therapy at Berklee College of Music. She is the leading lady of Connecting In Rhythm, a music psychotherapy clinical Practice specializing in addiction, neurologic, and mood disorders, and author of CIR, a virtual sensorimotor music curriculum for neurodiverse children. Previously, Amy provided music therapy at the world renowned W. Ross Macdonald School for the Visually Impaired, Blind, & Deaf/blind where she was the recipient of the Premier’s Award for Teaching Excellence in Ontario. She is the drummer of the Dundas based blues/RnB Cootes Paradise and the conductor/artistic director of the Grand River Voices, a 80+ voice community choir based out of Kitchener, ON. Amy is also the music director and organist at Mount Zion Lutheran.

The Cast

Visual Artist: Khuala Mahzar

Self-taught, award-winning artist, Khaula Mazhar’s work resides in private and public collections in  Canada and abroad.   A true believer that art is good for you, she loves to share her passion and get the community involved in art through exhibits, public art and art activities. 

I have always created, it gives me peace and satisfaction. It provides a zen zone to recover from life’s trials. 

Having a South Asian and Muslim culture gives me a huge library if you will,  to create from. There is so much history and culture that I have at my disposal for inspiration and themes.

Literary Artist: Jasmine Sawant

I am originally from Mumbai, India and have lived in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia before moving to Canada 25 years ago. My background is in Accounting, and I have been a part of professional theatre in Mumbai for a short time.

Like everyone I  have stories to tell and I like to tell them through stage as I find it a more powerful, though limited medium. My stories highlight social issues in the community and I like to use humour as it helps discuss difficult subjects, though lately I think I have lost my ability to poke fun or be irreverent. ☺

In regards to my creative process, there are similarities and the differences – as an actor, writer or the Artistic Director of SAWITRI Theatre Group. Wearing any of those hats, the subject matter has to ‘speak to me’. That is where it all begins. In fact, I have the same approach to my shopping, especially when it comes to my sarees and jewellery.☺

I come from a patriarchal society and have grown up with the do’s and don’ts because of gender. While some of it is necessary due to biology, so much of it is restrictive as it is convenient for the patriarchs to lay down the law. A lot of the work I take on is women-centric and women empowerment is very important. As important is nurturing the  new generation. They are our future.

Musician: Stephanie Braganza

My background is of Goan heritage from Goa, India. However, my parents were born and raised in Africa (my mom from Kampala, Uganda, and my dad from Nairobi Kenya).

When I create, it is because I have a message in mind that I want to share with others. I have also created out of expression, to release thoughts and feelings on a topic, but my last single, for example, was an animal rights video. I am very passionate about Animal rights and I hope to do more projects like that.

My process has usually been pairing with my music partner, Kolin, and working together to write songs. He will come up with riffs and I will choose ones I like and write lyrics to it, and tweak things here and there along the way. I’ve written with 3-4 people before, but now it’s just the 2 of us for now.

My culture/heritage has not impacted the way I create. I grew up in Kingston, Ontario, and my family was not thrilled that I chose music as a career. After high school, I moved to the GTA to go to school for music, and I’ve lived here for about 17 years. I’ve been writing music (professionally) since moving, and I haven’t yet written a song about my culture/heritage. There was no Goan functions in Kingston (we were likely the only Goans there).

I do feel that my heritage HAS impacted the roles I get on stage though. I have felt that Indian festivals don’t think I’m Indian enough, and when festivals (mainstream and run by people of white background) see me, they assume my music will be cultural, and will dismiss me if they haven’t listened to my music.

Biography: Stephanie Braganza is a powerhouse vocalist who weaves a sonic tapestry blending elements of pop and rock. Stephanie’s performances helped her win a Toronto Independent Music Award for Best Live Artist, and a Marty Award Nomination. Stephanie and her band have performed at festivals including the MacArts Festival, Monster Rock Orchestra, Taste of the Danforth; and at most well-known venues in the GTA. In fact, the vocalist has performed in a wide array of settings throughout her career, including the MuchMusic Video awards, and a private event at the Art Gallery of Ontario which was attended by former president George W. Bush. An outspoken animal rights activist, her latest music video; “Chains of Silence” has won two 2017 Global Music awards for “Best Female Vocalist” and “Best Music Video,” and has received support from Bif Naked, Tony Kanal (No Doubt) and PETA. In celebration of Canada’s South Asian Heritage Month in May 2017, Stephanie was listed in CBC Music’s top “10 South Asian–Canadian Artists You Need to Hear Right Now”.

Filmmaker: Shazia Javed

Shazia Javed is an award-winning film Producer and Director. She has directed with the National Film Board and her work has screened at prestigious film-festivals such as Hot Docs, DOXA, Durban International and MIFF. Her latest documentary, 3 Seconds Divorce made its broadcast premiere on ORF and has been acquired by a leading distributor. Shazia actively engages with her local community through her work and has taught various workshops on film making. She has a MFA in Film from York University.

Shazia is immigrated from India and creates and tells stories entertain and create change. She starts with an idea that she just can’t push aside and then she works on the treatment. Culture and Heritage impact and reflects itself in the stories that she choose to tell, and also her treatment of them.


Gather and research, and contact all interviewees with a list of questions that will be asked during the interview (Angela Chao, to be completed by 1 month after approval or September 2020)

Organize a shoot day per interviewee at their Mississauga location of choice complying with all Covid-19 safety guidelines. (Angela Chao to be completed by September-October 2020)

Shoot B roll shots of Mississauga in various locations this requires half a week. (Angela Chao to be completed by October 2020)

Review the questions and write a voice over dialogue script to be used for the interviews. (Angela Chao to be completed by October 2020)

Record voice over will be Record voice over (Angela Chao, to be completed by October-December 2020

Schedule Interviews with the following South Asian Artists: (Angela Chao, to be completed by November 2020)

Filmmaker: Shazia Javed
Poet: Jasmine Sawant
Visual Artist: Khuala Mazhar
Musician: Stephanie B

Once the interviews are conducted the first shuttle drive will be handed off to editor Sarah Baptist (Target completion date: November 2020)

Editing requires 3 months to complete a rough draft. This shuttle drive will include the interviews, the audio recording, b roll footage of Mississauga, footage from the interviews. (Target completion date February 2020)

Once the rough draft is completed a low resolution video with interview audio will be provide. This will be handed off to composer and conductor Amy Di Nino along with pre recorded South Asian music by a local Mississauga artist to be used throughout the documentary over a voice over.

At the same time while the score is being worked on Sarah Baptist, Editor will be submitting the documentary for closed captioning which will take less than 1 week.

Completion target date for the entire project is March 1, 2021

Budget Breakdown

Expense Total
Editing 1800
Lights Assistant 400
Hard Drive 300
Lavilar Microphone 200
Camera Equipment Rental 400
Camera Operating Time 360
Consultation with Interviewees 500
Writing Script 600
Interviews 100
Transportation 50
Composer – Music 600
Music Copyrights 300
Contingency 310
Closed Caption 80
TOTAL 6000

The outcome of this project is to showcase the many talents of creative South Asian women in Mississauga to inspire others to follow their own creative passions.

Feel free to reach out if you have any future questions 647 8317987