MAC 2021

The Project: Colours that make Mississauga
Other working titles: The colours of Mississauga/ Mississauga Palette / The Mississauga colour story

Breaking down the colours of Mississauga that create the overall palette and look for a targeted area.

This project is 3 parts.

I: Research pigment making; on-line interviews; use flowers, leaves, rust from bridges, sand, rocks from Mississauga creating watercolour palette paint set/liquid inks for dye. Angela will be using resources found online and take classes from pigment makers to create a unique palette specific to Mississauga. The number of palettes are TBD depending on the process time. Some palette example could be, Urban Mississauga – focusing on the color in the City Hall, Parks of Mississauga – focusing on the trees, wildlife and flowers.

II: Digitally document process; interviews of pigment specialists and Councillors about local hot spots. This will end up being a 5-10 minute short documentary about the process of pigment making pertaining to the colours of Mississauga. This will contain interviews conducted via Google Hang outs or zoom along side with my own learning process.

III: Creating and finalizing products (logos relating to Mississauga on, tote-bags, t shirts, cards/stickers) painted with watercolour, reprinted/showcased in crowd fund raiser program across social media, over 10k across all platforms. The goal is to use $720 from the Microgrant money to ‘flip’ and raise a total of $4000 or more (minimum being $2500)

The Crew

Artist Angela Chao will research/attend workshops on-line, create pigment by collecting objects in Mississauga.

I discovered and embraced the new me and have grown as a person who feels inspired to help others through art.  My goal in my artwork is to create an emotional connection from those who see my art and the common emotions making them know what they feel is normal.

Angela has a background of filmmaking for close to 16 years in IATSE 667 and knowledge/tools to create videos within restrictions of this pandemic.

Filmmaking resume:

Project lead and created by Angela Chao
The making of Maps of Mississauga with Mississauga Culture:

Driven to Create – A documentary about South asian Creatives:

Target Audience

The target audience for this project is all the residents of Mississauga in addition the reach will go beyond Mississauga borders as I have over 10k followers on my social media platform and will be able to showcase the palette of Mississaugas’ colours

Goals and Impact

Goals are to learn the pigment making process as I am curious about how it is made; and continue to showcase the beauty of Mississauga by sharing familiar places. The end result will be a short documentary on the pigment making process including a voice over. 

This will generate followers and views through social media. I would also like to conduct live interviews and ask questions of the masters of art on the importance of choosing the right lightfast pigment and learn from them.

Cost break down below will be used from the grant to ‘flip’ into a crowd funding campaign with products created solely from this project. 

Budget Breakdown
Total of $2500 from the Microgrant

Using $720 from that amount to crowd fun and flip to raise more money. The minimal goal is $2500 in profit. More items will be added when available.

Other items that can be added into the crowd funding will be “Fuel your Creativity” A creative journal by Angela Chao and Susan Ksiezopolski

Original Paintings by Angela in Acrylic

Timeframe of project – Based one year duration

1st  month: research/development, tutorial, classes, recipes, touring Mississauga, capturing places in photograph and video format.

2-3  months: finding, gathering supplies, dried out items found, start creating pigment/dyes.

4th month – palette creation complete  (3 step process in drying each layer is needed, 1-2 weeks between layers)

5-7th month: documentation, editing of video. The documentary ‘footage’ will be collected by then as the palettes will be completed. Start up of product creation to generate funds, sales through social media set up, campaigns set up on kickstarter OR indiegogo.

8th month:  photographing and completion of products, palette, watercolor painted cards, art created with pigments, prints. Dyes 

9-12th months: finishing the documentary. Revision by Editor friend, Sarah, Sound Composer Amy Di Nino. Creation of graphics.

10th month: product ready for crowd funding. Products should be completed and photographed. Crowd funding (indiegogo/kickstarter) graphics completed with write up.

11th month: crowd funding campaign ends. Goal of $2500 raised (in profit)

12th month: final documentary, products and budget submission send into MAC

Letters of Recommendations:

Feel free to reach out if you have any future questions 647 8317987