I am type 2 diabetic for about 4 years. I have been on metforim and Free style libre sensor on my arm. I have sugar spikes after every meal with a blood sugar of between 8-12 normally. I take turmeric pills after meals if I consume a lot of carbs and cinnamon if I have not so much carbs. These are great but temporary.

How did I find out about Maca?

I usually take matcha powder in my water during the day. I ran out and added a variety of stuff in my water. Collagen, Chaga (mushroom), bee pollen and Maca. It tasted like crap. At work, I noticed my blood sugar did not spike. I didn’t understand what the change was. I isolated all the powders and tried everything singly for one day and came to the conclusion that MACA had something special that helped with my Type 2 Diabetes.

Day before I found out about maca: October 31 – Halloween. These are my ‘normal’ blood sugar readings the past 4 years of my life

Day 1: At work I felt my energy level was higher. I did not have as high of a sugar spike as I usually do. My numbers have decreased by HALF in one day of using this.

Day 2-5: Great numbers as I progressed Tuesday to Friday during my work week.

Day 6-7: Because I hate if someone said “this is a coincidence” I decided on the weekend, Saturday Sunday. I would NOT consume any MACA

As you can see, I felt like shit.

Day 10: What I have discovered is the Dosage is very very important. Ideally you have to figure it out yourself. You can see after 8:22 pm I was finishing work / went home and had food WITHOUT any maca dosage since lunch time. And my sugar spiked

Day 18: I have figured out MY dosage. Its taken me over 3 weeks with alot of different adjustments every day.

A month in Review: Looking at my graphs I can see My sugar is fairly stable for the whole day. When I am awake I sip on maca water and even if consume carbs I don’t spike super high. When I go to sleep my sugar spikes despite IF i eat at night or I go to bed on an empty stomach. That to me means I will always be a diabetic. To solve this night time spike I can either, consume maca pills at night or drink maca water. I have choosen NOT to do this as when I wake up in mornings I am between 4.7-5.3 on my blood sugar. If I consume maca I will be too low to get out of bed and thats dangerous. Also Maca give you energy and thats a terrible thing to have when you want to sleep


a1c: I am now at 6.1 which is in the ‘PreDiabetic range’ for an average resting glucose. This is incredible as I have always been well over 7.5 for my whole 4 years.

Time in Target
Below is an image from sept 1-Nov 29. I was in my target 55%…

Below is an image of This past week! I have been working very hard (except weekends when I continuously DO NOT take MACA to prove to myself it works) I was in my target 74%!!!! THATS CRAZY

So the daily dosage is 1-3 tsp (which is 1 table spoon). I started out with 1 tsp and slowly moved up. until I found my balance. If you are trying this out yourself I suggest you start with the lowest dosage and increase it by 1 tsp and continuously test your numbers. Once you see a sugar spike after a meal you know you are using an incorrect dosage.

If I had the time, i think the PERFECT dosage is 1 tsp every 2 hours for 12 hours. I would not consume Maca close to bed time because you will be awake like Dracula.

My personal dosage: I use 3tsp (1 tablespoon) in my waterbottle after breakfast and sip and refill this for 6 hours until lunch time. After lunch I add an additional 3tsp in my bottom and sip it until Dinner. Once I get home from work (10-12 hours) I just have a small piece of fruit. I do not consume carbs.

I personally feel incredible. I feel this maybe the best discovery of my life. It has changed my energy level and HOW I feel about food. I do not get sluggish after a meal. I do not get so low I want to pass out, or so high I feel like I can’t breathe. My mood does NOT change because my health is affected. I feel lighter. Literally. Without really ‘trying’ to lose weight, within 4 weeks I have lost 11 pounds.

In the end you have to find your own dosage but adjusting you the consumption everyday. There are so many variables involved. Its taken me 4 weeks. I know what dosage is PERFECT for me

MACA POWDER: I suggest you read the ingredients when you purchase it. There should only be one – Maca powder (Ideally organic from Peru). Brands sell Maca Blend which contain cocoa powder, cane sugar and rice powder (its a filler to seem like there is more product), don’t waste your money or time. Also, don’t buy a HUGE amount. I bought 2kg, and I think it will take me a year to go through. If you get tired of the flavour you can add a bit of cocoa powder (no sugar included). Organika is a great brand but their ingredients is 70% Maca and 30% Cocoa…..

I hope this will help you. I am not an expert at all! I have no monetary benefits in sharing this, I don’t own Maca. If you have questions Im at Don’t telephone me cause your a stranger.

Also excuse the spelling. I just had dinner on a weekend, Maca-less. OMG

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