Make Something Everyday

This series of videos “Make Something Everyday” was created while in self isolation during Covid19! Looking for something to do I realized I have tons of materials at home to CREATE every single day! Im sharing my creations with you.

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Episode 1
DIY Gift Tag Tutorial: Make gorgeous gift tags with used greeting cards lying round the home. Gather materials like washi tape, hole punches, permanent markers, stencils to create this. All supplies are easily found, available and affordable. These tags are easy to make, you can make a bunch of them at a time and use them for presents and gift tags on your next gift! This is great for kids of all ages.

Episode 2
DIY Watercolour Flower Painting Tutorial: Make awesome watercolour painted flowers with his easy lesson. Using some simple shapes you can repeat the pattern and layer the colours softly. Choose two colours for your flowers and use those as accent in smaller flowers nearby to create a consistent piece of art. I hope enjoy this video and bring some of our outdoor flowers to your indoor walls. These finished pieces can be framed and used as wall art, given to a friend, or folded and made into a greeting card.

Episode 3 – Released March 30
DIY Shrink Dink Keychain Tutorial: Create some adorable keychains in a quiet afternoon while in self isolation. These Shrinky dinks are made from Plastic #6 – This can be purchased on amazon or eBay but I found it at my local Dollar store. To create this cute keychain simply use permanent marker and draw your cartoon on one side. Then proceed to colour on the opposite side. Bake and let it cool down. Add your jump ring and you have now made your simple DIY keychain out of Shrinky Dinks. This is great for kids of all ages – Keep in mind you will be using scissor and an oven so make sure an adult is there to help you out!

Episode 4 – Released March 31
DIY Coffee Scrub Tutorial: Make some coffee scrub reduce cellulite and minimize pores. Use old coffee grinds from your mornings cups of joe – dry out the grinds over two days. Add coconut oil as a moisturizer and your favourite essential oil + epsom salt. Ta-Da simple! This is great for kids of all ages. Give them away or keep them all for yoursel

Episode 5 – Released April 1
DIY Simple Wall Art: Create your own frame-able simple DIY wall art great for any room. This doesn’t require much material or effort and its a great afternoon craft while stuck indoors with the kids. Just grab some water-soluble markers, a ziplock bag and your favourite calligraphy quote. Ta-Da simple! This is great for kids of all ages. Frame it and hang it! Bring the sunshine in and let your room be filled with positive quotes while isolated!

Episode 6 – Released April 3
DIY Bullet Journals aka Bujo. Learn the basics of creating a Bullet Journal. Break down your journal in segments and add details with stencils. A Bujo can be a mixture of meal planning, daily tasks, exercise routines, a yearly birthday list. Bullet journal is a great way to get everything form inside your head down on paper in an organized minimal way. Hope this little video can bring you an ounce of happiness during these lonely times at home. Keep safe and healthy!

Episode 7 – Released April 6
DIY Simple and easy Thank you Cards: A lot of us are stuck now in self-isolation unsure how we and what we can do to help. Firstly, stay at home. Secondly If you can make masks to donate for retirement homes/longterm care homes as hospitals won’t accept handmade mask. I have decided to create a bunch of Thank You Cards. Thank you to N.S my fellow follower on IG who suggested this. It’s time to say thank you to those front line workers who tirelessly work daily to provide a service to us and to keep us safe. Say Thanks to your local grocery store clerk, your bus driver, your garbage man. Thank you goes out to the Doctors and Nurses. Please stay inside as the curve is NOT flattening! This craft doesn’t require much material or effort and its a great afternoon craft. I have made over 100 cards to give out once its safe!

Episode 8 – Released April 8
DIY Visible Mending tutorial: Sashiko dates back to the Edo period in Japan. This stitching technique brings new life to old clothing with rips and holes which means less waste in landfills. This eco friendly is a great way to mend your old wardrobe and add some flair. This craft doesn’t require much material or effort and its a great afternoon craft!