Milo Casting – Angela Chao

Hello I’m Angela Chao, 35 Years old a Canadian born Taiwanese Gal. Currently residing in Mississauga Ontario. My cell is 6478317987 email is

I work as a camera assistant in the Toronto Film industry for the past 17 + years,  (there is my IMDB resume).

I had a concussion at work 4 years ago and became an artist after. I have created over 500+ pieces of art in my basement gallery. More then 400+ are in new homes and I currently have 70+ pieces of artwork. I create art to help me battle depression and anxiety. All these symptoms from the brain injury I did not have before the concussion.

I also use my artwork to speak about this through media, interviews, articles and generally to help people out who are going through the same things I have.

Top Left: My “SIGN” was chosen as ‘sign of the game’ for a Brampton Beast Hockey game.
Top Right: Thats me in my gallery
Photo below the Top Right Photo: Thats my Mercedes AMG ad campaign on their social networks for speaking up about using art as therpy
Middle: I was nominated for a ‘modern heritage award’ in Mississauga with Heritage Mississauga for exhibiting an talking about Art therapy in Mississauga
Bottom Left: There is me slating on Suits. I do not own this photo.
Bottom Right: There is my nomination and win for the ’emerging artist of the Year award” with the Mississauga Arts Council

Above is a creative collaboration with PINKSTIX, a vegan purse company here in Toronto. You can find more on their website

Here is my Art Resume:

Here are some Videos of myself painting on my social media:

My short 1 minute piece which was later edited down down to 30 seconds. Chosen by Cineplex and Sun Life Financial during Culture days on June 9-15 2016. This screened across all Canadian Theatres in Canada and costed $75,000.( This is the final 30 second edit by Culture Days )

Article in the Toronto Guardian:

Here is some artwork I’ve painted the past 4 years. .

My current artwork in my gallery / many are not listed yet:

Artwork previously sold

My Instagram Where you can see my little videos for companies, my art and more photos of myself.

Thank you!

Angela Chao