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Mississauga Creates is a Youtube series created by Angela Chao. After suffering multiple concussions she has not found an outlet to express her emotions through art. Painting helps her release my depression, anxiety and sadness. She creates to process her emotional barriers. Painting has sustained, nurtured and navigated through her journey of self-discovery.

Angela Interviews local creatives in Mississauga showcasing the talent in this community but also how we are each a valuable asset, contributing in fighting this pandemic in our own ways. From visual artist, musicians, dancer, poets and filmmakers, we all share a common need to express while we are in self-isolation.  

Episode 1 – Angela Chao – Aired April 30th, 12pm

Art has the power to engage. Art can Reduces stress and Distracts from other worries bothering me presently. Painting creates a positive healthy state of mind. Art is my therapy. come watch my interview and learn a bit more about the power of arts on our mental wellbeing. Today we are chatting with local award Emerging visual arts of the year recognized by Mississauga arts council, me, Angela Chao.

Episode 2- Arlene – Aired May 5th, 12pm

Showing the health benefits for your soul during this time of self isolation from this pandemic. Singer – Songwriter award winning vocal artist Arlene chats with us about her daily routine and what is helping her get through these times.

Episode 3 – Susan Ksiezopolski – Aired May 7th, 12pm

Mississauga Creates talks with award winning local Poet Susan Ksiezopolski about the potential emotional and mental benefits of reading and writing on our souls during this time of self isolation from Covid – 19 .

Episode 4 – Naoko Sakata – Airing May 12th, 12pm

Mississauga Creates talks with award winning local pianist Naoko Sakata about the benefits of playing the piano on her mental health during Covid-19.

Episode 5 – Amy Di Nino – Airing May 14th, 12pm

Music has the ability to create positive effects on you mood and mental health . Incorporating music into your everyday life can help to: elevate your mood and motivation. aid relaxation. Music Can Improve Your Cognitive Performance. Music Can Reduce Stress. Music Can Improve Your Memory. Today we chatted with Amy Di Nino RP, MA, ARCT, MTA, NMT Registered Psychotherapist/Neurologic Music Therapist/Musician/Conductor about the importance of music on our mental health during these self isolation periods.

Episode 6 – Heather Christine – Airing May 19th, 12pm

Join me on Mississauga creates as I interviewed talented creatives in my community. Showcasing the diverse amazing creators, from Visual artist, to poet, vocals artist and designers. Mississauga is bursting with creativity. Find out how we are impacting this community through our actions during this pandemic – as we create to heal. Today we are chatting with local award winning vocal artist, singer and songwriter Heather Christine.

Episode 7 – Laura Beaton – Airing May 19, 12pm

Today we are chatting with Laura Beaton. Laura is an award winning Visual Fine Art Artist who was born in Toronto; she moved to Mississauga over 30 years ago.   Laura was always involved in artistic pursuits that included opening a faux finishing (special effects) wall painting business.  A health issue led her to the study of mixed media, acrylics and Chinese Brush Painting.  Laura’s pieces are two-dimensional works where she’s created and married painting techniques to form thought-provoking art that promotes dialogue on cultural, social, and global issues.

Episode 8 – Mississauga Library – TBD

Reading and writing a great way to express your ideas, feelings and goals in life, there are many health benefits for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing that can be achieved at a young age from reading and writing. Today we talk to Diana Krawcyzk a Manager at the Mississauga Library about her experience for 30 years on this subject.

Episode 9 – Andrea Marchant – TBD

Local photographer, Andrea Marchant shows the mental, emotional and physical benefits of photography both behind the camera and in front. See how she has adjusted her photography business continues to social distance while shooting wedding photographs

Episode 10 – Annis Karpenko – Visual Arts Mississauga – TBD

Annis Karpenko, Executive director of Visual arts Mississauga at Riverwood is a leading provider of visual arts programming for adults, teens and children. Quickly adjusting from in person art course to online programs VAM continues to reach out to the community and continue creating for better mental, physical and emotional mental health.

Eps 11 – Mike Douglas – Mississauga Arts Council – TBD

Please follow along as each episode premieres every Tuesday and Thursday at noon. Please subscribe, like and support our local creatives. Their links are in each video

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