OOO 2020

Pink Stix page – choose 1 of 2 images

Angela is a long-time supporter of the Pinkstix brand and after learning about her experience we began an exciting collaboration. Since we were floored by her amazing artwork and knowing each piece is unique and comes from her heart, we asked if she would be interested in taking her usual ‘canvas’ to another level – painting on our vegan leather purses. She was thrilled with this idea and it was not long before a new adventure began for us: the Pinkstix x Mindless Doodles collab.

Pinkstix believes Angela’s story is an empowering one. Having the courage to speak truthfully about her hardships and sharing her art with the world, Angela reminds us that what brings us all together is simply a will to listen, understand, and embrace. Pinkstix support and believes in the benefits of art on mental health

Mercedes Ad Page

Angela Chao became the ‘face’ of Mercedes AMG in March 2016. “Never stop challanging” ad campaign was opened to the public through social media by sharing their difficulties life.  Angela spoke about her post – concussion symptoms and how she uses art to manage stress, anxiety and depression. Her story was chosen amongst 3000+ entries.  This campaign appeared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as the Mercedes AMG website as the top banner.  This generated 50k likes, comments, shares and allowed for an open conversation online about mental health.

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