Regent Park

Daniels Corporation – DuEast Submission
Angela Chao and Susan Ksiezopolski 

Included in this proposal for Daniels Corporation are the requirements as noted in the call for submission.  All pieces have been created exclusively for the DuEast and DuEast Boutique residences.  The cost estimate that has been provided for this proposal provides an option for either framed high quality paper photo or high quality metal prints.

Artwork Title: Expressions of Hope

Description: Creating vibrant images of hope with words connecting to the value of community

Expressions of hope
Collected along the way home
Create remarkable stories
Into sparkles of joy
Communities in to pillars
Of togetherness

Overall Piece Dimension: 17’ X 4 ‘  X 1’ (overall layout)

Individual Piece Dimensions:

  1. Bold 14” x 11”
  2. Expressions of hope 20” X 20”
  3. Collected along the way 30” X 20”
  4. Home 20” X 20”
  5. Create remarkable stories 24” X 36”
  6. Transforming 20” X 20”
  7. Communities 14” X 11”
  8. Into Sparkles of Joy 36” X 24”
  9. Uniting 12” X 12”
  10. Communities in to pillars 20” X 20”
  11. Of Togetherness 12” X 12”

Total Budget: $12,000

Angela Chao – Artist Statement 

Since suffering from a brain injury, my purpose in life changed. I discovered and embraced the new me, having grown as a person inspired to help others through art.   

Painting helps me release my emotions. I create to escape my emotional barriers. Through complimentary colours and various textures I can express the psychological changes in my brain. I recently confronted that I will never be the same person. I am okay with this and love who I am now.

My work has been featured in various public art exhibits. Recently at Celebration Square, City of Mississauga–Art on the Screen Summer Exhibit. My work was chosen through a juried exhibit to be featured at the Art Gallery of Mississauga.  My art is also permanently displayed within the Legislature Building (Queens Park, Toronto). I am interested in gaining more exposure within the Toronto area by supporting the Daniels Corporation DuEast  project.

When I paint, my subconscious self speaks what I cannot express in words. My art is the naked unedited representation of my journey, my battle, and my challenges from my brain injury.  My canvas has become a mirror to my mind, reflecting its brilliant and varied hues. Painting is my form of communication and I intend to use the talent I have been gifted with to spread concussion awareness and help others like me. 

 “When I paint my subconscious self is speaking what I can not express in words”

Susan Ksiezopolski – Artist Statement 

As an award winning writer, coach and facilitator my greatest joy is in sharing my words and poetry with others and see the spark of recognition that comes when they connect to my message, feeling the same feelings I felt when I wrote the piece.  In the words of Robert Frost, “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”. Poetry connects people, helping build bridges. This is why I write.  I have published two poetry books, My Words and Writing for Change and a writing aide The Writer’s Workbook. My work has been featured in various anthologies, magazines and on-line platforms.  

In 2018, I founded WriteWell, supporting organizations and individuals to unleash the creative power of writing for transformation.  Recently I partnered with Angela Chao, award-winning artist, launching CreateConvergence – Fusion of Art and Poetry, to fuel engaging exchanges altering perceptions of our world and ourselves.

My first home in Canada was in Toronto and while attending University at Ryerson many of my urban planning projects were based in Regent Park. 

“Through writing, I can exhale and express what I take in, in life.”