Mississauga Creates is a Youtube series created by me, Angela Chao, award winning visual artist in Mississauga.  Each week, I interview local creatives in Mississauga showcasing the talent in this community. The series explores how each creative is a valuable asset, contributing in fighting this pandemic in our own ways. From visual artists, musicians, dancers, poets and filmmakers, we all share a common need to express while we are in self-isolation.   

Each episode involves over 14 hours of work. This includes researching, interviewing, editing, graphic designs, research for key words, posting to youtube, promoting and scheduling. I am the one doing all of the work required and am not receiving any support from outside sources. In addition, three to four days are spent editing and touching up the video. A few draft revisions are sent to the interviewee for their review and approval.  Only two interviews can be completed per week. 

Although this is incredibly time consuming it is also very rewarding.  It is important to capture this moment in time in Mississauga and showcasing what the local creatives are doing to get through this pandemic and to also help others. 

The arts play a very important role in my life and my mental wellbeing and also to many others. Mississauga Creates is an important part in preserving this moment in time of growth, learning and showcasing the amazing creatives in Mississauga.


So far, I have interviewed over a dozen creatives including poets, visual artist, pianist, singer / songwriters, dancers, filmmakers and photographers. I have also interviewed a music therapist, visual artist Mississauga, Mississauga Library, and Heritage Mississauga. I plan to also interview Mississauga Arts Council, Doctors from St Michaels’ Hospital and Sick Kids Hospital, a brain specialist, Mindforward – a brain Injury services organizations to name a few.  

My goal is for every three creatives I have interviewed I will interview one specialist in their specific arts. For example I have interviewed three writers and then Mississauga library – Diana Krawczyk an experienced manager who has worked with the Mississauga Library for 30 years. 

Interview List
All Interviews can be viewed here

Eps 1 – April 30th Noon EST – Me – Angela Chao – https://youtu.be/qmP_VN8LW_8

Eps 2 – May 5th Noon EST – Arlene – https://youtu.be/Ou6gOIUlsk8

Eps 3 – May 7th Noon EST – Susan Ksiezopolski – https://youtu.be/7oP4NtTam5A

Eps 4 – May 12 Noon EST – Naoko Sakata – https://youtu.be/8kHmgIYhHlc

Eps 5 – May 14th Noon EST – Amy Di Nino (Music Therapist) – https://youtu.be/a87zPw0ycEY

Eps 6 – May 22 Noon EST – Heather Christine – https://youtu.be/kKolTFozbh8

Eps 7 – May 26 Noon EST – Laura Beaton – https://youtu.be/YmQ2tekqAcM

Eps 8 – May 27 Noon EST – Diana Krawczyk – Manager at Central Library  – Editing Stage

Interviews to be conducted the next 5 weeks
Mississauga Arts Council – Mike Douglas
Visual Artist Mississauga – Annis Karpenko
Artist in Momentum – Anna Siglargio
Anne Hartley – Brain specialist
Mindforward- Concussion Specialist / brain specialist
Shree Balhero – Neuro psychologist St Michaels
Aubrey Reeves – Culture Days Canada
Andrea Marchant – Local Photographer
Shazia Javed – Filmmaker

A bit about Me – Angela Chao 

Recently in 2019 I began a collaborative project with award winning poet, Susan Ksiezopolski to create Feel It! Exhibit, a Fusion of art and poetry funded by the Mississauga Arts Council Fusion Award, City of Mississauga and Rama Gaming House in Mississauga. We launched our initiative running from December 2019 through to March 2020, in 5 different locations across Mississauga cultural spaces. The exhibit was geared to create an interactive experience with participants, engaging them in exploring their emotions through the art-work and then expressing them on an interactive canvas that was created specifically for them to create on. For more information about the project visit: www.createconvergence.com/feel-it

My interests in using art as a tool for community building has been recognized by Heritage Mississauga for creating art that preserves, communicates, engages the community in celebrating culture and creates a sense of place and pride in Mississauga community.  I was awarded two Credits Awards for Community Heritage and the Modern Heritage in 2019. 

My Visual Resume: https://mindlessdoodle.ca/visual-resume/

Letters: https://mindlessdoodle.ca/letters

What does Sponsorship of Mississauga Creates mean?

On Youtube: your logo will appear within the video at the end with a mention about your/company website and that you are sponsoring this video. In addition, your link and information will be within the description itself on Youtube.

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Other Promotions

Email blast: Mississauga Arts Council send out emails blasts once a week on Tuesdays to their distribution list.  In every single email my upcoming videos are mentioned including the links. This generates more clicks and likes to the demographic of creatives in Mississauga who are associated with the Mississauga Arts Council. 

Mississauga Library and Heritage Mississauga have expressed interested and have been liking and sharing “Mississauga Creates” to their followers on social media.  Mississauga Library will be promoting their episodes, which will premiere May 26th. 

Modern Mississauga on instagram always reposts my videos, also allowing for more followers to click and watch “Mississauga Creates” 

This means your logo per episode will be seen to over 10K people on social media.


Growth in one month


I started Interviewing 5 weeks ago and started releasing videos two weeks ago. Within a month I have increased 125 subscribers with almost 8000 minutes watched about Mississauga Creates. I also have had 113 shares on youtube alone.

Videos and other online platforms are now the mediums for change, for learning, for experiencing and this won’t stop. I am able to provide the much needed content locally about our creatives, what they are doing, how they are adjusting to this pandemic and showcase the importance of their arts on mental wellbeing. Mental health is such an important topic we should be opened to speak about but we are not. This pandemic have given us creatives a chance to show the world we can defeat what we feel inside with ARTS.

Sponsorship Packages:

There are two packages for sponsorship on “Mississauga Creates”

Package 1 includes is per episode bases. You can choose as many or as little episodes you would like to sponsor.


Package two includes your logo being show at the end of a video on every single video in the series from the date you decide sponsor moving forward. I will have 2 interviews completed a week to air Tuesday and Thursday at noon while this pandemic happens. This will be a minimum of 20 Interviews scheduled so far up to a maximum of 50+. It is undetermined how many episodes there will be as this pandemic length is also undetermined. I am fully committed to this series and will continue my work on it.

If you have any questions Feel free to reach out to me angelachaobella@gmail.com

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