Living Arts Centre – Tiny Mighty Heroes Call For Submissions 2019

CreateConvergence: Angela Chao and Susan Ksiezopolski

Project Description: 

Imagination and play define childhood. This project is all about imagination and play. 

“Dancing Dragons” is a fun, hands-on, colourful digital interactive art piece that is designed to evoke wonder by engaging children of all ages to imagine, to conjure up dragons and unicorns, to reflect on games of catch and hide and seek.  As they spin the “Dancing Dragon” controlling the movement of the piece, the swirl of bold colours will capture their attention and create a sense of wonderment. 

This project calls us all to look beyond the world we see and to explore with curiosity the collaborative abstract artistic expression created by award winning CreateConvergence duo, artist Angela Chao and poet Susan Ksiezopolski. With each rotation of the art piece different words and different images are revealed and come to life, speaking of fictional fearless dragons engaged in playing games with illusive unicorns. 

Examples of Project Art Piece:

CV for Angela Chao and Susan Ksiezopolski:

Artist Statement: 

When poetry connects with art, it stretches and shifts self-expression to a new dimension. It creates a fresh artistic voice to communicate with to help translate the language of emotional literacy. The merging of poetry and art as a tool for creative expression is energizing and restorative. It fuels engaging exchanges that expand our awareness and alter our perception of our world and ourselves, transforming us into our own superheroes.

The outpouring of images from Angela Chao’s artwork awakens wonder, while Susan Ksiezopolski’s poetry in the background speaks through the words weaved together to stir the imagination further. 

Technical Requirements:

This 2′ round diameter piece will be created in the shape of a round ball and be mounted on a moving wooden panel that the viewers will be able to spin and enjoy.

Insurance Value: $360

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