Angela Chao is an experienced filmmaker, having worked in the Toronto film industry in the camera department for 17 years in IATSE 667. In addition Her artwork has been a constant companion in her health recovery process after her concussion in 2014. She has  first hand experience on the positive impact that the arts have on wellbeing. She can personally speak to the power of arts a healing and coping tool. She started to create abstract painting to help express her emotions. Painting and art helps her communicate the depression, anxiety and sadness that she feeling inside.

Angela suffered three major head injuries on set and was left with health challenges such as depression and anxiety. After her concussion Angela became a prolific artist. Three years later Angela is still using art as her tool to communicate her emotions.

Angela was invited to be guest speaker at the Brain Injury Association of Canada conference in Toronto. She was awarded a yearlong International ad campaign with Mercedes AMG on their social networks, speaking about her challenges from her brain injuries. Angela’s short documentary showcasing her struggles from her brain injury and triumphs through art was selected by Cineplex and funded by Sun Life Financial to appear in all 1,600 Canadian Cineplex theatres across Canada, for one week during July 2017. 

Angela was awarded the 2017 Emerging Visual Artist of the year at the Marty’s by the Mississauga Arts Council. In 2019 Angela was the recipient of the Modern Heritage award and the Community Heritage award at The Credits by Heritage Mississauga for her innovative ways of spreading concussion awareness in her community through art. 

A constant inspiration to many, Angela is committed in helping others who may be experiencing a similar situation to find a light in their life and overcome the darkness with a passion. Angela is committed to taking a public role in promoting mental health and awareness through her art.

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Winter Greeting Card Watercolor Tutorial

Celebrate this winter by grabbing a nice drink and sitting down with your cozy pajamas and paint with me. This 1 hour workshop is great for kids and adults of all ages. Learn the basics of watercolour paint from visual artist, Angela Chao from Mississauga. Enjoy and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us during this pandemic and lets create something today from the comfort of our homes

In this workshop you will learn some simple technique in creating your own one of a kind watercolour winter wreath. Learn about mixing colours and building transparent layers of paint to create a full bouquet.  Add your favourite calligraphy holiday quote In the centre of the wreath.

Hand make your holiday greeting cards this year! 

Materials need:
Watercolour paint
Water and paper 
Marker / calligraphy pen

This workshop is great for kids and adults of all ages.


Winter Wonderland Landscape Watercolor Tutorial

A 1 hour workshop on how to paint a winter wonderland sunset scene.


Guided by Amy Di Nino RP, MA, ARCT, MTA, NMT Registered Psychotherapist/Neurologic Music Therapist/Musician/Conductor

Requiring no prior experience in either art or music, this workshop places emphasis on begin able to let go and create while being mindful in the moment. Freely creating connects the mind and body to your inner being in a non-evasive and comfortable setting. In this workshop will explore the joy and challenges of transparent watercolor technique and abstract layering.

 Goals for workshop:

  • Access various psychosocial benefits including; decreasing distress, improving quality of life and improving communication and coping skills
  • Impact individual mood during and outside the workshop
  • Increase in unrelated, practical skills
  • Improved memory and focus


Express yourself through Art and Poetry  

Angela Chao – Visual abstract artist.           Susan Ksiezopolski – Literary artist, poet

Workshop: Introduction: How art and poetry express our core emotions.

Description of workshop: Combining poetry with art to communicate and connect, we fuel engaging exchanges that expand awareness and alter perceptions of our world and ourselves, creating the space for healing. 

Goals for workshop: This workshop segment will explore how we can use art and poetry to express our emotions.  When poetry connects with art, it stretches and shifts self- expression to a new dimension. It creates a fresh artistic voice to communicate with to help translate the language of emotional literacy. The merging of poetry and art as a tool for creative expression is energizing and restorative

For questions or bookings through the Art Gallery of Mississauga please contact Jenn Rabanillo 416 888 4191

For private/personal bookings please contact Angela Chao

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